Pet Home Health Care - Compassionate & Gentle
Home Visit
Visit for Initial Consult
& Ongoing Visits where noted
Administer orally
or by injection
$10.00 + home visit
Provide walks
& other exercise
$20.00 for 30 minutes
(home visit fee
waived for just walks)
Administer under
the skin
$15.00 + home visit
Provide gentle massage to affected areas
for 15 minutes or full body for 30 minutes
$15.00 for 15 minutes 
$25.00 for 30 minutes  
Wound Care
Flushing, cleaning and re-bandaging as needed
$20.00 + home visit fee
Pet Sitting
Basic fee for feeding, walking dog &/or cleaning cat box(es) for 45-60 min
Aquarium feeding and care also available
$30.00 (home visit included)
For more than
2 pets additional
$3.00 per animal
Car Transport
Transport pet to veterinarian for
rechecks or procedures
$20.00 for up to 15 mile round trip
(home visit waived)
 Nail Trims
   $10.00 + home visit fee
Health & wellness care, including diet
& supplement recommendations

Teach low stress handling techniques for fluids, injections & oral medication administration

$25.00 for up to 1 hour consult for wellness

$30.00 for up to 1 hour teaching for low stress handling

All fees are negotiable after initial consult
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